Things to take care of while buying a romper for your kid

Things to take care of while buying a romper for your kid

In case you are confused about the type of romper or onesie that you want to buy for your kid, all you need to do is check out They have a lot of amazing stuff written about rompers that you can read and get help from. So in order to guide you better, we have gathered some of the related information and written it below. Give it a read and clear out any sort of confusion related to kids rompers and onesies.

Size guide for rompers and onesies:

According to, you should always pick one size greater while purchasing an onesie to avoid it from being excessively tight and awkward for your baby. Also, this might be something to be thankful for in the winter as your kid will grow into it. Romper sizes frequently change depending upon the type of brand you are choosing and your child’s development rate. Taking into account that some first-time moms don’t have the experience to choose sizes without hesitation, we have formed a guideline:

  • For infants: simply pick the littlest size.
  • For babies between 0-3 months: 23 inches is a great size.
  • For babies between 3-6 months: Up to 27 inches is a decent size.
  • For babies between 6 months to a year: Up to 29 inches would be good.
  • For babies between 12-year and a half: 31 inches is good.

Aside from these, you can also easily discover onesies with wide openings for the head and legs. They will be simpler to put on your child. In the event that wide openings are not available, you need to search for onesies that are kimono-style or have side terminations so that they can be worn easily by your kid.

New clothes and kid’s reaction:

In, it is stated that in order to limit any danger of undesired responses to new garments, for example, rashes or hypersensitivities, you need to wash the onesie before your kid wears it.  Indeed, even a little bit of soil or dust particles on the onesie can cause any sort of trouble to your kid. Because the skin of a toddler is very delicate and sensitive, you need to be extra careful. Keep in mind that you can wash onesies as you wash any other piece of clothing.