Scammed by rvd matrimonial services marriage therapist

Scammed by rvd matrimonial services marriage therapist

It is said that marriages are made in heaven but not with online matrimony. It is a tedious process to choose the bride or groom for an arranged marriage. This is why the parents seek the help of matrimonial services to choose the bride or groom with respective expectations. But some matrimony makes their lives miserable by making matches without proper inquiry about the person. It leads to the destroyable of a person’s life especially in countries like India. The rvd matrimonial services marriage therapist makes false promises to the person who looks for a prospective bride and grooms.

How to avoid the online matrimonial scams?

The matrimony like rvd matrimonial services is looting the money of common people. They ask you for registering with them for finding the bride or grooms. If you try to cut them out, they will keep on bugging you and make you join them with a sum. The rvd matrimonial services marriage therapist send perfectly matched profiles to you and make you fell in the trap. They will give you false hopes and make your heart fall for the particular bride or groom family. Then they will loot all your money by asking to pay like charges and fees. They will not make you visit the family but keep on telling lies that they will. You can be careful from falling to these traps as follows

  • Clear research: It is in our hands to be more careful and research well about the matrimony. If they give assurance, do not forget to check their official website or going to the place in person.
  • Asking the family member’s contact directly: If they keep on dodging with what rvd matrimonial services marriage therapist said like arranging for a meeting. Ask the details about the family and you make a move directly.
  • Playing smart: Make sure you are careful that these scams are prevailing in this society to loot money. You play smart when they try to attract you with words.
  • Delay in payment can complain: If the registration payment is delayed, dare to complain to the nearby police station. And if any agreement kind of papers is asked before registration, do not sign and they might not help in future when you ask for a refund.

These are the things to keep in mind when you are called by any matrimonial services.