Manage Your Prepaid Card Balance with MyPrepaidCenter

Manage Your Prepaid Card Balance with MyPrepaidCenter

You can either activate MyPrepaidCenter balance on your Prepaid Calling card or check MyPrepaidCenter balance (Visa or Mastercard). There are quite a few users who like to make good use of the Prepaid Debit card, credit and gift cards these days. The ease at which one can use the Prepaid Cards along with the money back guarantee makes them the preferred choice of so many. The card is issued by different companies like MasterCard, Visa and Diners Club which offer various facilities including online shopping cart facility and gift voucher facility for making their services popular.

With prepaid credit card users can save their money for future purchases, and the card serves as a sort of debit card as well, which enables customers to pay for their purchases later. The process is simple, if you use MyPrepaidCenter balance (Visa or Mastercard), the transaction history will be recorded on the monthly statement, which will give you the ability to track your cash flow. You can then view all the activity on your account, see the expenses incurred and see the total amount debited or credited every month. If there are any payments pending which are due before the due date, they will also be shown.

It is easy to activate myprepaidcenter balance on your Prepaid Calling card, all you have to do is dial an 800 number and a representative would call you back. The customer service representative would walk you through the activation procedure and you would only have to give a few initial details like your name, your address and your telephone number. You could then log into your account and see all the activities going on your account. The transaction history will be displayed on the screen for all users to view and you can take a printout of it if you want to make changes in your account information.

When you are using the MyPrepaid Portal, you can pay your bills online using credit/debit cards or visa and MasterCard. You can see the transaction history for these cards and check the progress on them. Users may also choose to pay their bills by electronic transfer from their bank account. The users’ profile, passwords and security codes are all handled by the portal and you would not need to worry about any security issues with it. The registration process is simple, all you have to do is to follow the prompts and you will be able to activate your prepaid calling card.

You can also view your personal profile, your complete financial information, usage summary reports, expenditures summary reports and much more from your online portal. There is also a section where you can add your favorite items and add as many as you like. There are options to link up your purchases and your online bank accounts with your MyPrepaidcenter balance. If you wish to cancel your prepaid calling card, you just have to browse through the cancellation options.

In case you feel that your card has reached its limit and you do not wish to anymore spend money on prepaid calls, then you may remove it by logging into your account, choosing the link to deactivate your card and then follow the link for the removal procedure. Once this is done, you will not be able to call anymore by using your prepaid number. If you do not have an account yet, then you may register it free of cost.