How Umashankar Tiwari Allahabad Scam Was Resolved?

How Umashankar Tiwari Allahabad Scam Was Resolved?

In the name of the Prime Minister’s dream project, umashankar tiwari allahabad and his group of people scammed a Mumbai-based film-maker for approximately 35 lakh rupees.  This was not their only involvement, but they have also been alleged to scam the general public for approximately 300 crores. This huge scam has ended up getting millions of people getting scammed in the name of the Tourism industry of India. There was an involvement of a group of people in this scam and the whole case has been disclosed and the facts of the case have been successfully uncovered.

How did the scam take place?                                    

The group of scammers had told the people in the name of the Tourism Industry of India, that they were running a project of making a documentary of the Kumbh mela. For this, they had duped a tender which was actually fake in the general public which ended up scamming people for millions! Many people like Rakhi Sen were scammed for millions of money as they had made contracts with them for the project.

What was Umashankar Tiwari’s involvement in the scam?

The least suspected, umashankar tiwari allahabad was the actual criminal mastermind behind the whole scam that took place. This scam was controlled by him and his orders were passed easily to the group of people who were involved in the scam as well. They carried on to the orders in order to scam many people. While his orders were being carried out, he was imprisoned in the Naini jail, Allahabad, so he was totally out of suspicion. He already had around 30 criminal cases registered against him. Inside the jail, he was made an available source of communication so that it was easy for him to carry out the whole plan. He was provided with a cell phone as well as a working sim card. In the house of Umashankar Tiwari, a fake car number plate was found in Kanpur.

What is the current state of the scam?

The facts of the case have been resolved successfully and most of the people who were involved in the case have been captivated by the Gomti Nagar Police. The information is being taken by the contractors who were victims of the scam. Three of the involved men are still absconding and

There will be serious actions for everyone who commits fraud.


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