German Shepherd Dog Breed Information

German Shepherd Dog Breed Information

German Shepherd

They are just one of North America’s most popular dogs. AKC has the German Guard Dog ranked # 2 in the United States. They are very smart and also a really qualified working canine and also their dedication encourage to their household is unrivaled. They are extremely flexible being able to stand out and nearly anything that they are educated to do whether it is boil chicken and rice for dogs, search and rescue or just obedience training. They are a faithful buddy to any type of family that would certainly have them.

Coat and also Color

The German Guard can be found in lots of various color variants. AKC identifies these 11 colors: Bi-Color, Black, Black as well as Lotion, Black and also Red, Black and also Silver, Black and also Tan, Blue, Grey, Liver, Sable as well as White. They do shed. They tend to lose larger throughout losing period. Much more cleaning than regular will certainly be needed during this time around period. An occasional bathroom occasionally in addition to normal brushing and also pet grooming will assist maintain the pets tool size layer in check.


With the males of this type standing 24 to 26 inches high, the ladies of the breed are normally in between 22 to 24 inches in height. The weight of a guard will range from 75 to 95 pounds.


The guard makes an excellent guard dog as they are easygoing as well as approachable when they are with their household nonetheless when they feel endangered they can be very solid and protective. The German Guard can be trained to do nearly anything making them one of the most versatile pet dog types around.

The one thing that a guard is not great at is being left alone at house for long durations of time. Like every pet dog your German guard must be mingled as early as feasible and regularly functioned with so that they expand up to be a well rounded dog.

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