Final Expense Insurance – Securing the future

Final Expense Insurance – Securing the future

Life is unpredictable; you never know what may happen tomorrow or even the next second. But you can always find paths to secure a better future for yourself and your family. Final Expense Insurance secures one such path for you; it can help you by providing coverage to your beneficiary, which can be chosen by you, for the medical and mortgage fees and later with the cremation and burial.

Benefits of opting for Final Expense Insurance:

Your funeral will be a tough time for your loved ones and stressing them at this moment is surely not a good idea!

  • Final Expense Insurance can provide peace of mind, knowing that your funeral activities are not going to be a burden on anyone.
  • If you don’t have people who care enough about you, then with this insurance you can take care of yourself and live the rest of your life happily without worrying for the future.
  • The amount of money left after the funeral activities can be given to brighten someone else’s future.

Final Expense Insurance Vs. Life Insurance:

Life Insurance takes less money but provides more coverage at the end of your time. It is long-term insurance, unlike Final Expense Insurance. These insurances are a vehicle of love; you can leave them as gifts for your children and grandchildren after you die. Usually, senior citizens avail for such insurances by specifying their beneficiaries and showing their medical bills.

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Rates for Seniors:

  • It is usually seen that the rate of monthly payment for senior citizens increases with their growing age. Usually, people who have serious health conditions cannot access the benefits of the insurance at the last step.
  • The amount of money to be paid varies according to the gender, starting from $33 for women and $41 for men at the age of 50 years to $145 for women and $183 for men at the age of 80 years.
  • The rates are estimated based on no consumption of alcohol and tobacco.

Final Expense Insurance can help you in turning the remaining years of your life to a peaceful memory. Leaving something for the society or your family will always help them in keeping you in their hearts. You can release the stress of your children regarding the funeral activities by already making its arrangements in the past. But, make sure you choose the right policy for yourself, and if you are not able to find one, appoint a licensed agent for the same.