Explore About the Background of Young Influencer and Kenza Boutrif Fashion Model

Explore About the Background of Young Influencer and Kenza Boutrif Fashion Model

Internet celebrity, Kenza Boutrif model, is the hottest topic on the internet right now after two major achievements she got lately. She just crossed the 700K followers mark right now on the Instagram and the youth is crazy to follow her. She has also officially partnered with ASOS which is the biggest brand to date with whom she partnered.

Kenza is keen to partner with more brands and strengthen her modeling and influencing career. Started from modeling just two years ago, her influencing career is a major success. So, let us explore the background of young influencers and Kenza Boutrif fashion model.

Early Life

Born in the UK in 2001, language was the first barrier that Kenza had to face. She was born in an Algerian family where she had Congolese ancestry. From her early age, she was influenced by social media and soon tried to attempt her chance. Kenza made her Instagram account at the age of just 13 while up to 2016, she had already created and was managing various social media platforms.

Kenza was using this account mostly for posting her pictures and videos till she started gaining the attention of other users. Her Insta page followers become to increase, and she soon got the attention of fashion and hair care brands which eased her way to becoming an influencer. When she joined modeling and made several appearances, her followers become to increase at a greater number. This meteoric fame was followed by more fashion brands approaching her for branding deals.

Modeling Career

Kenza has a successful modeling career to date. Soon after creating her Instagram account, she started getting attention from users. As a result, she was fast to sign deals with various fashion brands as a model. Fashion Nova, Pretty Little Things, Envy Shoes, and Missy Empire are to name a few.

After promoting fashion brands, Kenza soon tried her fate in clothing and make-up products that also turned to be a success. Hairs and nail care brands work with her while she also works with individual fashion designers for their products.

Kenza never let herself be limited to Instagram and tried multiple social media accounts to increase her followers. She is well-known for her lip-sync videos where she acts on famous rappers and music artists. She is active on Twitter, Snapchat, and Sound Cloud apart from Instagram which is her major platform of attention.

Personal Life

If we focus on her personal life, Kenza loves traveling. Her Insta page is full of traveling pictures where she traveled to Paris, Italy, and Dubai. She tries gym to keep her body in the position and will share workout pictures and videos from time to time that shows how serious she is towards her fitness.

Kenza loves the music of Migos and Drake and other popular musicians. After living more than a decade in London, she still considers London as her town and has recorded the greatest number of her videos there.