Experience INKAS Armored Vehicles through literature!

Experience INKAS Armored Vehicles through literature!

INKAS group of companies is a brand based in Toronto, Canada that specializes in providing security services. It started its services by only providing armed messenger forces, and then later they broadened their services to cash management and security services. INKAS today provides various services such as software development, armored vehicles, metal manufacturing, etc. INKAS inaugurated its first showroom displaying armored vehicles in Canada in 2015. They have now expanded to Lagos, Nigeria and Sderot, Israel.

Manufacturing Armoured Vehicles

Armored cars are vehicles transporting precious valuables such as precious metals or large sums of money etc. These vehicles are armored to ensure the safety of the value as well as the individuals traveling in the vehicle. And when I say armored, it means that the cars are made in a way to resist heat and is bulletproof.

The company specializes in manufacturing INKAS armored vehicles, whether it is SUVs or sedans or even Limousines. Since its origin in 1996, INKAS Armoured Vehicle Manufacturing has been giving shielded vehicles to corporate clients, law enforcement agencies, government officials and financial institutions all across the globe. Despite having such a huge customer base, it provides a personalized one on one service to all its clients.

They customize pre-existing vehicles to upgrade them to an armored vehicle. The brand works with various other well-recognized automobile companies such as Mercedes Benz, Nissan, Chevrolet, Range Rover, Toyota, etc.

The price of getting your car armored starts from approximately forty thousand dollars and goes up to a hundred thousand dollars.

Safety and Security

Most cars have a flashy siren on them. They are designed with bumpers that help in case they’re under attack. They also have CCTV cameras installed in the cars that can be viewed by drivers.

The car is usually a three-seater car. One seat is occupied by the driver of the van. He’s not allowed to step out of the vehicle until it’s parked in the garage. And the other two seats are for the guards guarding the valuable deliverables.


INKAS® Corporation warrants any armor related things introduced and transformation related custom workmanship, for two years, or 50,000kms (32,000 miles), whichever arrives first. However, the warranty is always covered after an intense assessment and written authorization by the company. For more information Visit here https://inkasarmored.com/