Encadrement Your Ideas To Make Your Home Beautiful

Encadrement Your Ideas To Make Your Home Beautiful

If someone have just shifted or planning to shift to a new house or bored of the old interiors of their house, then Encadrement is the best place they can lend themselves to. Design their new house all according to them everything in their style and enjoy every corner of the house with the help of the innovative techniques and most modern ideas to meet their needs and requirement of their customized piece.

What they work with?

They work for 8 hours a week and the orders are considered till mid-night, home delivery is available or according to the customer convenience. They are open to any kind of detail and custom process in your piece. They even provide DIY products like chopstick framing, water colour art framing, and they work with canvas boards and customize it all according to their style and technique in any size you wish. They work with glass paintings too, digital cutting, a multi-view framework too, mitered and even straight-cut.

Their authenticity-

¬†They have a good experience of 20 years in fulfilling all kinds of needs and demands of their customers positively. They have a keen observation of topics and details people go for and prefer to like so there are very few chances that they won’t understand their idea.

They have a full working workshop that is filled with the latest trend and technique products and equipment to bring alive their dream idea for a home, office or whatsoever they want. They have all the trained and professional workers and enough material to meet all the quality and quantity of products.

What all they make?

 They work on any kind of idea on Encadrement, cabinetmaking with whatever design and style they want like authentic, aesthetic or modern, we assemble all shape and sizes of frames with any kind of custom art and design they want at their place keeping in mind the entire thing they want in their workpiece. They keep an eye on all the small details and believe in self-service. They stay connected to their customers and they inform about everything they want to know about their project proceedings from time to time. And try their best to meet the given deadline every time.

They are always ready for any kind of feedback is it positive or negative, and not leaving the customers unless and until they are fully satisfied with the work. To improve themselves with every feedback and provide the best customer service with the least charge as possible is their aim.


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