“Health is Wealth”, well said, as it is the need for the present generation. Health has always been considered as a very important aspect for one’s life. A Healthy life includes a healthy diet and a routine which helps you stay fit and fine. This includes proper exercise, having food at the right time, meditation for a healthy mind and a lot more.

Importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle-

Living a healthy lifestyle increases your life span, as you will not be prone to most of the diseases. A healthy lifestyle includes a balanced diet, which depends on the age of the person, as the composition of nutrients is different for each age group. With a good balanced diet, it is important for a person to sleep for about 6-8 hours and follow the principle “Early to bed, Early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” Also, it is important for a person to exercise and meditate, so that he is active, relaxed and fresh for any activity in his daily life. With a good sleep, exercise, meditation and a balanced diet, a person should also not take much stress, as stress doesn’t give any zeal for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Living healthy and maintaining a good lifestyle, a person reduces his chances of getting affected by any illness and also reduces the costs which he has to incur due to the treatment of his illness. Hence, living a healthy life is the primary thing essential in one’s life for a happy and prosperous living.