Google has always been a helpful tool for all of us in our daily lives. Let it be for searching content, pictures, videos, NEWS, and lot more. One such feature, which was very useful for all the investors was the Google Finance feature. Google Finance helped the investors to have a check on their stocks, get the latest updates on their stock status and also update them on the NEWS related to Stocks of the local and international markets. After all these features from Google Finance, Google declares that it is going to drop the Portfolios Section from Google Finance. This new update has got its users quite disappointed, but why have they done this?

Reason for Portfolio Deprecation-

Google has not given any legitimate answer on this change but maybe it is to make the Google Finance more user-friendly than before. Google Finance was amazing as a watch list, but it was too confusing for an average person to understand and too basic for an investor to track his/her stocks. As no certain reasons are given on this issue, probably Google is trying to make improvements on its interface and trying to make it convenient for all the users, let it be an average person or an Investor.


Well, Google has always been top notch in terms of providing a better service through all its features. So, Probably Google is planning something unique and convenient to be updated in the Finance feature for the better satisfaction of its users as a whole.