How fast can an NFL quarterback throw a football?

The national football league is very famous in America and has 32 teams in the league who compete for the title. This league is so famous that it occupies the fifth position in the world among all domestic leagues in terms of popularity. This game is so popular that it’s players earn millions of dollars by it. It has some of the fastest records set for throwing speed of the football. The latest record is the 2014 record when a player named Logan Thomas threw the football at the highest speed which was recorded as 60mph.

How fast can a quarterback throw a football?

If well protected a quarterback can throw the ball away in under 3 secs! Such incidents have been noticed at a time in the NFL. The players tend to put their best foot forward for the NFL as it is one of the most highly rated events in the world.

A spirally thrown ball travels the fastest

The amazing throw speed is usually in a spiral pattern as the football travels the fastest in this pattern. So, when a quarterback throws a football then the man is already ready to receive it from the other end. Sometimes the game is so fast that it is difficult for normal people to catch up with the time at times.

Thus, when it comes to the fastest speed from the quarterback end then it is slightly more than a couple of minutes.